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Dr. Shrividya Muralidhar

Artistic Director & Scholar Sourabha Kala Parishath (R) Mangalore

‘Punarnava’ Trust is a Kalpavriksha. Having branched extensively in the field of socio-personal counseling, educational commodity donations, organizing workshops to create culturally¬† civilized awareness, promote physical and mental health which being the prime need of the day. It is¬† a roof and solace for the deprived.

Punarnava reconstructs degenerating lives.

when things change inside you, you can bring about change in the outside world around you. this being the motto of the trustees,with humility,right attitude and effort they are bringing smiles in the suffering faces beyond limits.

I wish PUNARNAVA a successful golden jubilee ahead.


Every year the trust distributes school kit for underprivileged students for rural Government schools. School kit includes below items- Books...

Thought of the day

A good payer is master of another’s purse.-Someone who is known to always pay exactly as promised can borrow money from other people at any time.

As soon as man is born he begins to die.-The process of dying starts at birth. This saying reminds us of our own mortality, whatever our age.

We are born creative. We are then educated out of it.-Sir Ken Robinson

A still tongue makes a wise head.-Someone who does not talk much, but listens to other people, probably has experience, knowledge and good judgement.

Even the prayers of an ant reach to Heaven.-God hears all living beings.