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Sponsoring Child

Punarnava Trust - Annual Function at Kasaragod 1

Each academic year Punarnava Trust sponsors education to talented students from less privileged and economically backward section who are good at studies. The Trust conducts various tests as a selection process and chooses students in a transparent way.

Each year this program benefits 45 to 50 underprivileged students.

Trust provides the School kit and Scholarship to selected students. School kit includes dress, books, pen, pencil, scale, eraser, sharpener and bagĀ  etc


Every year the trust distributes school kit for underprivileged students for rural Government schools. School kit includes below items- Books...

Thought of the day

A word to the wise is enough.-A very brief warning or explanation is enough for an intelligent person.

As soon as man is born he begins to die.-The process of dying starts at birth. This saying reminds us of our own mortality, whatever our age.

Even the prayers of an ant reach to Heaven.-God hears all living beings.

We are born creative. We are then educated out of it.-Sir Ken Robinson

A good name is better than riches.-Your good reputation is worth more than money.