The word ‘Punarnava’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words, ‘Punar’ and ‘Nava’. ‘Punar’ means again and ‘Nava’ means new.

Punarnava Trust was established to give new hopes to the meritorious students from the underprivileged and revive and uphold the Indian culture and philosophy as well. It also aims at encouraging, motivating and involving the people in social service.

Around 9 years ago when Naveen Ellangala was conducting classes for the Balavikasa children he was choked with emotion to know that the students could not write exams since they were unable to pay the school fees. This prompted him to act instantaneously and rest is history! At heart, he is a philanthropist and the incident only brought it out fully.

So what began with school fees went over to meeting the expenses of books, bags, stationery and uniforms and soon his friends joined him in this social service.

This went on till December 2010 and by that time they had conducted BalaVikas classes (which aims at character development and spiritual transformation), Personality development & Counseling Programs, Spoken English, Yoga, and Craft training classes so as to improve the skills and ability of the students.

Thus was born Punarnava Trust in December 2010 with the positioning line Light for a Life, as a ray of hope to the underprivileged and to bring a transformation in the society around them. Currently it is headed by four Trustees and a Treasurer.

Punarnava Trust is registered under Section 13(1)(D) sub section 11(5) as a non profit organization.



  • To focus on students from the less privileged and economically backward section who are good in studies and extracurricular activities.
  • To give scholarships, financial assistance, prizes or awards to deserving students or a student, providing funds to any deserving student or students to pursue studies and to give all other assistance for pursuing education like providing school fees, bags, books, uniforms, umbrellas, bus pass and other necessary items.
  • To encourage and motivate students to involve in social responsibility activities.
  • To participate in such other charitable purposes or purposes of public utility as the Trustees may deem fit and proper.
  • To create social, cultural and health awareness among the students.